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A Beginners Guide to Write a Standout Resume 2023

For any job seeker, a good resume and cover letter play the most vital role in getting the dream job. It is what the potential employer generally uses to make the first impression of you. Thus, having an impressive resume writing not only will help you to stand out from all other applicants but will also help to get shortlisted in the interview.

Let’s take a look at some of the tips for resume writing for 2023 that will help you to create a standout CV for job applications.

Tips for Resume Writing 2023

Create a tailored CV as per the industry and job you’re applying for

Everything that you include in your CV can make or break your image. Thus, make sure that whatever you include in your CV should be relevant. Prioritize the employment experience that shows the qualification for the applied job. For example, if you are applying for a job as an engineer, the hiring manager would be more interested to know your technical skills as an engineer rather than as a babysitter. Including the relevant skills and information will let the employer know that you understand what they are looking for in an employee.

Understand what the hiring team is looking for

Before you start with resume writing, visit the company’s website you want to apply for and review the job postings in detail. Read the job description and key responsibilities thoroughly. Take careful consideration of what you plan to include in your CV. Focus on the important keywords that are expected of you in this role.

Add pertinent skills

If you have past work experience or if you are a fresher, only include skills that would be valuable to the position you are applying for. Check the job posting for the requirements and skills that the hiring manager is looking for. For example, including your knowledge of programming and design software would be important skills to include in your CV while applying for an app developer position.

Include a header, summary, or objective

Recruiters review an extensive range of resumes every day. Including a header, summary, or objective will help the hiring manager to notice your resume among others. While adding the header make sure that your name is at the very top. Also, include your address, phone number and email address. Including the contact information will help the hiring team to reach you.

Right below the header, write a summary or objective. A summary should be short and precise. Also, add an objective that showcases your career goal and what skills you can bring to the company. Including these sections will help the hiring person review it and learn about you more quickly.

Keep it concise

While most people end up writing a two-page resume, it should be just one. While writing your resume, ensure you include the information that helps you stand out against the competition. Try to avoid redundancy or fluff.

Make It visually appealing

Recruiters always get impressed with a well-designed and creative resume. Here are a few things that you can keep in mind while resume writing and designing:

  • Font Style- Make sure you use a professional font like Times New Roman, Georgia, Calibri or Helvetica

  • Font Size- Choosing the right font size will ensure recruiters read your resume more clearly. Font size 12 is the standard size, which is generally used to write a resume

  • Template- Keep a minimal and aesthetically appealing design. While using a template make sure the visual element doesn’t distract from the content of your resume

  • Colour Choice- Use professional colours while designing the resume. Opt for black and white and a third colour like blue. White is generally used for the background, black is used for text and blue can be used for highlighting the important details of your resume

Submit a cover letter

While submitting the resume a lot of time the recruiters also ask for a cover letter. Even if it is not required, sending a cover letter is a great way to stand out as a candidate. While writing a cover letter make sure the design and colour scheme of the cover letter matches your resume for a more complete look.


The last and most important tip for resume writing is to proofread your resume prior to submitting it. An error-free and easy-to-read resume shows your professionalism and ability to pay close attention to details. If you change your resume to each position you apply for, make sure you read it thoroughly each time and get it reviewed before submitting it.

Wrapping it up!

Resume writing can be a daunting task for new job seekers. However, keeping these tips in mind will help you to write an impressive resume. If you are a newbie then you can book resume services offered by Aston & Stone. Aston & Stone Consulting aims to create a tailored made approach to meet your requirement for any reason.